Hombolt Technology makes the process easy so that you know your decision is the correct decision. Our ERP Database gives our prospective clientele peace-of-mind that our development ability is top-notch!  In the client login area of the ERP Database, our prospective clientele and current clientele will be able to chat, video conference, and see constant updates on their current and pending projects.  Our ERP Database is developed and designed for 1 main reason, Customer Service!  Customer service is vital to any company, and we hold it at the highest of importance.

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central database design

The Transformation Process

Our Sales Representatives meet with our prospective clientele 1-on-1 to go over the solutions we offer for your company.  Our ERP Database will allow you to register your account and log in, track the status of your project, percentage completed, video overviews of your progress, upload images of needed fixes, and communicate with your sales representative via video conferencing and chat at all times to make sure our solution for you is perfect.

Knowing You Made The Right Decision

Having us provide the technology for your company is a big decision that you need to make. Our ERP Database allows our clientele to track the progress step-by-step and work with your agent digitally, over-the-phone, and in-person. You should be comfortable during the entire process and have peace-of-mind that our sales representatives work with the utmost passion and integrity for their clients.

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