Ian Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
10 Years

Personal Experience

Hombolt Technology is at the heart of his vision for the future.  Ian Ferguson grew up the son of a Computer Science Professor and spent a lot of his time learning DOS on a Silicone Graphics Computer at the University.  Quickly he became proficient at learning the basic coding to be educated on Fortran, Cobol, PHP, and HTML.  He went on to familiarize himself with a lot of various languages that have led him to his success in the Insurance industry that is notorious for lacking technological innovation.

Hombolt Technology is being launched to provide a much-needed service to the business world at prices that are a fraction of the industry norm.  GoLang, Nuxt.js, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift, Vue.js, React.js, and Node.js are some examples of the very advanced coding languages we use for ERP Database Development, Mobile Application Development, Website Development, User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX).

The ultimate goal that is the mission of Hombolt Technology is to make this world a better place.  Through constant education, integrity, and desire, Hombolt Technology will carry out its mission and provide financial security to all the employees, and advanced technology that will enhance our clientele’s business.