Hombolt Technology specializes in developing a central database that has the functionality to keep your company at the highest level of efficiency. The ability to automate human tasks will lower your company’s expenses by eliminating simple human error. Consult with one of our Sales Experts in ERP Database Development to create an organized user-friendly experience for your employees and clientele.

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Any business that relies on sales, inventory, multiple departments, collaboration, and growth needs to have a system that can pass data to different locations in database with user-friendly ease while being able to track the data and the results.

Department Collaboration

Automating a process for different departments to efficiently collaborate to get time-sensitive projects complete is essential for your business’s infrastructure and future growth.

Human Resource Management

Onboarding and completing HR tasks is of the utmost importance for your company to stay compliant and follow all of the legal requirements by law. Benefits management and payroll as a self-service with friendly automated reminders from HR allow your human staff to concentrate less on costly company inefficiencies.

Automated Payroll Process

Automating a payroll will save time and lower expenses and provides your employees with 100% accurate and on-time payments. This lessens the need to have multiple payroll employees on salary, spending company time that can be completed as an automated service.

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