Passion for innovation
integrity and passion

Hombolt Technology is proud of the technological innovations we provide to our clientele.  We pride ourselves on the knowledge and continuous education we provide to our SalesForce, our Engineers, and our Developers.  Technical coding is an art form.  It constantly progresses, and with the proper foresight into the future, the vision is constantly getting brighter in all industries that utilize Hombolt Technology. Our integrity and passion for innovation are beneficial for your future.

Integrity and passion for Innovation

Hombolt Technology puts the clientele first.  We provide an Enterprise Resource Planning Database (ERP) that provides constant contact to prospective clients, current clients, and sales representatives.  It provides a method for our future clients waiting for their work to be completed to track their progress, get in touch with the sales representative, billing, schedule conferences, and view their project’s status. The prospective client can upload any significant documentation for their custom DEMO they would like to have completed.

The Competition

The philosophy to not be a pioneer in your industry has been changed by the improvements of the dotcom bubble.  Competition in the current environment can be a threat from a distance due to virtual communication.  The ability to customize your company database provides a streamlined competitive advantage that can privatize your companies strategies, monitor key employee’s production activities, and automate human tasks.  Being a Pioneer in your industry does not mean being the first anymore;  the new definition describes it as making a significant change to alter the current environment.

The Current Technological Environment

Covid-19, also known as Corona Virus, forces the entire workforce, students, families, and friends to utilize the virtual world of communication.  The magnitude of protected information that is being hosted on foreign servers is often misunderstood.  Many companies that provide video conferencing are not designed to protect personal information (HIPAA), company secrets and exchanges, or any financial transactions. Many big corporate companies are feeling the stress of the media due to all the hackers accessing video conferencing technology.

The Future of Technology

Hombolt Technology has the solution to fix inefficiencies that exist in your company.  Our database solution outlines the importance of a proprietary database tailored specifically to meet your company’s goals and objectives.  Our engineers started their careers with the vision to be experts in computer engineering.  They were not educated on just a path to work for Saas, Oracle, or SalesForce.  They are experts in a plethora of coding languages that include Saas and Oracle.  They can build your proprietary database using advanced coding languages like Nuxt.js and ASP.NET.

Protected video conferencing for departmental communication in database

Automated tasks and bot design

Personal functionality and appearance

A customized, user-friendly experience

Android & iOS Application

Listed above are only a few examples of the endless possibilities for technological innovation at Hombolt Technology.