What Is the process of this Demo Program?

Hombolt Technology Sales Representatives provide a Custom DEMO Program.  Depending on what is needed to complete this DEMO, they will take the project to our Developers & Designers. And within 24 hours will come back with a quote and timeline to have the DEMO completed. 

As the Prospective Client, no responsibility is assigned until our sales representative returns with the DEMO’s quote & timeline.

What if I choose after DEMO to NOT do the project?

Good Question!  You are not required to go through with a project because you did a DEMO.  We offer our custom technology DEMO program so you can see our work using your company’s special touch and personality.

Do you provide service on our Website and Databases?

Yes.  we provide a service for all of the work that we do.  You have the option to choose the service level that best suits your company.

Does my cost of DEMO program go towards the downpayment of my project?

YES!!!  The cost of a custom technology DEMO program will go towards the cost of the project downpayment.  It will NOT increase your quote for the project, the DEMO program is a service we provide so our prospective clientele feel comfortable knowing they made the right decision!

How secure are your servers?

We take pride that we put the maximum security and threat re-directs into protecting all of your information.  Your sales representative will not have access to any of your personal or protected information, we protect your security with the highest of standards and safeguards.

Do you provide a warranty?

All of our services come with a 1-year warranty.

Note: Add-on services are not considered warranty related issues.  (Example: We quote and deliver your website.  You approve the website, and 6 months later you want to add 20 more pages of content)

Warranty: If your website has issues with caching or uses a slider that is dramatically slowing down your website’s performance.

Do you give discounts?

We consider all things based on the requirements and the labor hours it will take to complete the project.

Does your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service work?

Yes.  However, proper and organic SEO takes time and work from both sides.  In regards to SEO work that we provide and the backlinks, our work is impeccable.

I cannot reach my Sales Representative, what do I do?

If that is the case, you need to contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation.  Our company revolves around customer service for our clientele.

If I have a complaint, where do I direct it?

If there is an issue you need to be resolved, contact us IMMEDIATELY at (800)960-8961 or you can email us directly at complaints@hombolttech.com.  We take complaints and seek a positive resolution for all parties.

Is there a payment schedule?

Yes.  You have the option to pay in full.  We require 50% down, 25% at the halfway point shown on our tracker, and the remaining balance on completion and your satisfaction!

*Some exceptions go on a case-by-case basis.

Am I entitled to a refund?

From the beginning until the midway point, if you require a refund due to our inability to complete your task to your expectation, we will refund the full amount, minus the billable hours our technicians worked on your project.  RARELY, do we have that being the case, since we use a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning Database (ERP) that gives you constant updates, video conferencing for you and your sales representative, and the constant methods for you to contact and be contacted for any changes you wish done for your project.

If I am unhappy with the finished project, can I be refunded?

Due to the time complexity in the whole project, once the project is approved for final delivery, there are no refunds.  Our ERP database allows you, during the whole process many opportunities to get the fixes needed to make your database exactly the way you imagined.  There is never a time that any questions, comments, and concerns go addressed.  We pride ourselves in giving you the best customer experience so that our solution for your company is a pleasant journey.

How fast in completed your jobs?

That depends on the time needed to complete the task.  At the start, we will quote and give a very accurate timeline for completion.  If more tasks are requested or various development. That needs specialized coding (Example: your coded video conference API)

Do you host all of our projects?

Depending on the project, you will have the option for us to host, or for you to host.  We will give all of the recommendations in the beginning for the most competitive, and cost affordable hosting solutions.

Will there be any surprise charges?

All charges that quoted, are the price you will pay for what you request.

Note: Some projects may need more billable hours on-top of the original quoted price for upgrades and adding development and design.

Will you charge me more if I change my ideas?

During the process, we will also give you our personal opinions on your ideas.  A lot has to do with the appearance for many, however for SEO purposes in regards to Websites, sometimes what looks best is not SEO friendly.  Hombolt Technology will always do what is in the best interest of our clients.

As technology advances, what are my options?

As a client of Hombolt Technology, we will always update our clientele about changes that might affect them.  This is not a reason for us to continue billing, and you will always have the right to refuse our services.  We are informing our clients because we look at our business as the start of a long-lasting relationship.