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    Build Your Company’s Proprietary ERP Database

    Hombolt Technology is the source of technological innovation with our team of engineers who specialize in custom ERP database design to meet all of your business goals and objectives to achieve your optimum future growth and profitability.

    Shifting from traditional management models to custom ERP database design may appear uncomfortable in the short-term, but it will pay off in a long-term perspective.


    Hombolt Technology

    Custom Database Types & Solutions

    Importing new data, merging the data from various sectors of your business through automation, or managing the entire scope of your business can be done efficiently using a logistical dashboard designed specifically for your business.

    Database Overview

    ERP Database

    CRM Database

    HRMS Database

    ERP Database Overview

    Hombolt Technology can engineer and design a custom ERP Database that meets all of your company’s goals and objectives by developing a custom solution to fit your company’s needs. As a business owner in the modern world, it is crucial to be strong in all aspects of your business facets by facilitating to your employees and prospective clients a state-of-the-art custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Inventory Management (Works in tandem with SCM), and Financial Management ERP Database. An ERP Database comprises all 6 of these components in 1 user-friendly ERP Database.


    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Database

    Owning an ERP database in today’s world is imperative to maintain a competitive advantage in your industry.  ERP databases connect various departments to improve communication and workflow.  As a result, maximizing the efficiency of your employees that will increase earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization.

    Innovation for your communication

    • Reports automatically generating real-time data to improve business insight
    • Streamlining your business processes and best practices to lower operational costs
    • Departments sharing data increases enhanced company collaboration
    • Efficiency and effectiveness to enhance all business functionality
    • Reduce company risk by eliminating user reporting error
    • Integrating systems for uniformity to lower management and operational costs

    The 6 Components of an ERP Database

    An ERP Database is an all-in-one database that comprises of 6 major components.  Many business owners think they cannot afford the cost of an ERP Database.  Hombolt Technology develops a custom solution to fit your company’s needs.

    1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database is a key component that allows you to keep track of all your customers and lead data within your ERP solution.
    2. Human Resource Management (HRM) database is essential for every company. It manages your employee’s onboarding, offboarding, benefits, and timekeeping. The largest component is the ability to connect and automate payroll software.
    3. Business Intelligence (BI) creates data-driven decision-making processes. The BI component analyzes data, providing management with actionable insights relating to your business processes.
    4. Supply Chain Management (SCM) component creates an efficient solution to optimize your supply chain by collecting real-time data. It allows management when an issue occurs to fix the issue as they happen. It gives real-time intelligence for management to strategically plan for their companies supply and demand.
    5. Inventory Management System (IMS) component is the most collaborative ERP component. It works in tandem with the SCM component. The main purpose of these two components working together is to manage order fulfillment and stocking of a warehouse.
    6. Financial Management System (FMS) component deals with data from all of the other ERP components. Every business process involves money! This component stores and analyzes all of your financial data, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, costs, budgets, and forecasts.

    Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

    Managing human resources can provide peace of mind from all potential headaches as a business owner through an automated process for your employees.

    Storing employee data, managing payroll, recruiting and training, benefits administration, time and attendance, employee performance management, and tracking competency and training records is a vital facet of any industry that must be addressed, streamlined, and perfected.

    Our Business Philosophy

    We are specialists in both economics and information technologies. We apply our full range of talent to create the perfect solution for each client’s needs.

    Our Mission

    Hombolt Technology provides a solution for technological innovation. We can offer the highest standard of Technology for a fraction of the cost.

    Our Vision

    To find a solution that fits the culture, industry, and personality of our client's company that will increase their net profits.

    Our Values

    Our company culture is about helping others.  We strive for integrity, building long-lasting relationships, continuing education, and loyalty.

    Our Core Values and Principles

    Hombolt Technology has the same mission as our other divisions. Our mission is to make this world a better place. We strive to be leaders through innovation and change by delivering advanced technology to help our clients increase their company’s net profits while steadfast to the beliefs of a tailored 1-on-1 experience.

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    Our Engineers and Developers specialize in advanced coding languages to accelerate the future vision of your business profits into reality.