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Custom Development Projects

Hombolt Technology specializes in custom development projects. Custom development projects are unique ideas that are developed into a reality.  Examples of custom project development are proprietary social media platforms to mobile application development.

Hombolt Technology takes you from start to finish.  That includes development, patent, and how to executive the project to market.  Speak to one of our highly trained sales representatives and bring your unique idea to reality.

Hombolt Technology

Custom Development Projects

Hombolt Technology specializes in developing custom projects.



The Potential


Hombolt Technology develops custom projects to meet the needs of our clientele.  One main reason business owners choose to develop custom projects with us is to be able to develop a proprietary system that they will be remembered by, their legacy.  Whether the custom project is a unique Social Media Platform or an E-Commerce database system, we have the skill and ability to develop and guide through the whole process.

All projects should include:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Administrative Panel


A patent is a right obtained by a patent holder to exclude/discourage others from exploiting their technological idea without proper authorization.  Hombolt Technology will assist and guide you through this phase of the technology life cycle.  From basic research and development, applied research and development, demonstration, market development, and commercial diffusion; we will guide you through the process to get ownership of your technological innovation.

To achieve a patent system, one needs to be aware of the socioeconomic turmoil the patent might create.

  • Does your patent enhance social welfare?
  • Does it encourage the invention and the dissemination of information technologies?
  • Does it provide for the incentive of investment in the commercialization of new technologies that will advance social goals, increase economic growth, create jobs, etc?

The Potential

The great legacy and profitable projects came from a unique and creative idea being developed using technology.  Speak with one of our representatives and see if we can help bring your unique and creative idea to reality.



  • Facebook in May 2012 made an initial public offering (IPO) raising an estimated 16 billion.
  • Snap in March 2017 made an initial public offering (IPO) raising an estimated 3.9 billion.
  • Airbnb in December 2020 made an initial public offering (IPO) raising an estimated 3.5 billion.
  • Is your idea the next titan of industry?

Our Business Philosophy

A company is as strong as its weakest link. We hold our Sales Representatives and our
Engineers at the highest standards through constant training and continuing education.

Our Mission

Hombolt Technology provides a solution for technological innovation. We can offer the highest standard of Technology for a fraction of the cost.

Our Vision

To find a solution that fits the culture, industry, and personality of our client's company that will increase their net profits.

Our Values

Our company culture is about helping others.  We strive for integrity, building long-lasting relationships, continuing education, and loyalty.

Our Core Values and Principles

Hombolt Technology has the same mission as our other divisions. Our mission is to make this world a better place. We strive to be leaders through innovation and change by delivering advanced technology to help our clients increase their company’s net profits while holding steadfast to the beliefs of a tailored 1-on-1 experience.

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Our Engineers and Developers specialize in advanced coding languages to accelerate the future vision of your business profits into reality.

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